We’ve all been frustrated with technology. Maybe your computer is acting slow or it’s on the fritz, so you take it to a shop, or just say screw it and buy a replacement before throwing it up on Craigslist with the misleading tag: “Good as new.”

But Richard Ryan of FullMag Studios decided to take his iMac and scrap it: With an anti-tank rifle.

In the video, Ryan uses a Finnish Lahti L-39 anti-tank rifle, which saw action during World War II, where its incredible accuracy, penetration, and range made it an ideal weapon for dealing with enemy armor. However, its massive size made transportation difficult. Just look at it: This cannon probably has its own area code. It also packs a punch, clearly. Just watch what it does to this computer.

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Watch the full video to see just how well an iMac stands up to a weapon that can kill a tank.