Welcome to Task & Gear, in this episode we’re going to dive into the future next-generation variant of the FN FAL and explore both sides of the controversial argument about why the US military came close but never ended up fielding it.

The FAL fires 7.62 mm by 51mm rounds, at 650 rounds per minute, with a range of 600 meters. The rifle was so widely used by the NATO allies during the Cold War days that it became known as ‘the right arm of the free world.’

These days, the FN FAL has been largely retired by most of the 90 countries that originally fielded it, as they move away from the traditional ‘battle rifle’ in favor of lighter intermediate rifles. However, a next-generation variant of the classic FAL is produced by an American manufacturer called DSarms, which uses improved materials like a chrome-lined barrel, lightweight alloys, and modern manufacturing techniques to fix many of the old complaints about the rifle. 

Check out the video to learn more about how the classic FN FAL is getting a massive F’n upgrade.

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