Human civilization is about fire. Creating fire is what separates us from the animals; extinguishing it without urinating on it, according to Sigmund Freud, marked the starting point for the most fundamental societies. It is also, at its core, a force of destruction — and, therefore, a weapon of war.


The brand-new TF-19 Wasp “flamethrower drone” is all of those things. Designed to lightweight drones with a 5-pound payload capacity, the Wasp drone system can spit hot fire at targets up to 25 feet away for up to 100 seconds on a single gallon of fuel.

Wasp maker ThrowFlame says the system was designed to bring “new levels of efficiency and manageability to agriculture.” Sure. Cool. Whatever.

Unfortunately, it costs around $1,500. And why ThrowFlame didn't call this the 'Firefly,' I have no idea.

Learn more about the TF-19 Wasp here.