James Clark

James Clark

Interim Editor in Chief

James Clark is the Deputy Editor of Task & Purpose and has been with the publication since 2015. He is an Afghanistan War veteran and served in the Marine Corps as a combat correspondent. James is responsible for overseeing the daily news coverage of the editorial team, assigning stories, approving pitches, editing, and ensuring stories published on the site meet Task & Purpose’s editorial standards and the audience’s needs.


  • Expertise in culture writing and personality-driven features on issues and topics of interest and importance to the military and veteran community. 
  • Built Task & Purpose’s coverage of entertainment from the ground up and led the conversation about military and veteran representation in pop culture.
  • Has covered the military as a civilian journalist since 2015, in addition to four years as a military reporter in the Marine Corps.


Since starting at Task & Purpose, James has worked as a social media manager, general news reporter, veterans and culture reporter, and senior reporter before assuming the role of deputy editor in 2021. James has covered a variety of topics, from long-form reporting on veterans’ access to healthcare in rural communities to the Department of Veterans Affairs medical marijuana policy, and has published enterprise pieces on longstanding issues like the Feres Doctrine and the now-repealed Widows Tax. When he isn’t sifting through policy papers, he’s writing video game and film reviews, waxing nostalgic about his favorite movie scenes, and asking service members and vets the questions that really matter — or at least the ones no else will. He joined T&P in January 2015 after wrapping up a year of internships at local and national publications and graduating from the University of California Santa Cruz with a bachelors in modern literature. Prior to that he served in the Marine Corps as a combat correspondent from 2008 until 2012 and deployed twice to Helmand province, Afghanistan with 1st Battalion, 6th Marine Regiment.

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