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New ‘Battlefield V’ expansion gives us BARs, M1 Garands, flame throwers, Iwo Jima, Wake Island, and more

We're finally getting the iconic M1 Garand!
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Earlier this week DICE teased its newest expansion to Battlefield V, and on Wednesday they dropped their reveal trailer for War in the Pacific. And yes, players are finally getting the M1 Garand, and a whole cache of new weapons.

The new game trailer is utter madness, but it’s the kind you expect from Battlefield: Over-the-top action; frenetic gunfights; first-person footage, shot with the game’s graphics engine; a panoramic look at an amphibious landing against a heavily fortified beachhead; before it ends with a fighter pilot crashing his plane into an airborne V1 Rocket, and parachuting to safety.

Why, because it’s Battlefield, that’s why.

Set in World War II, the latest installment of the first-person shooter franchise had a bit of a rocky, and let’s be honest, disappointing start, but over the last year the game has steadily cranked out free expansions, bringing players new weapons, vehicles, and maps.

The latest addition will do the same.

Given that Battlefield V is set to run the course of World War II, with new expansions moving the timeline forward, War in the Pacific brings the U.S. military and the Empire of Japan into the fight.

Beyond the two new factions, players will be getting three new maps: Iwo Jima, and Pacific Storm (an island hopping campaign with shifting weather and tropical storms) to start, followed by Wake Island in December. It also brings a bunch of new weapons and vehicles.

In addition to the iconic M1 Garand, players will be able to get their hands on the BAR, a new submachine gun, sniper rifle, gadgets, and two new in-game pick ups: A katana, for if you want to go all soldier-samurai on a World War II battlefield, and a flamethrower, for those players who just want to watch the world burn.

Battlefield V‘s War in the Pacific expansion launches Oct. 31, and seeing as it’s free, if you’ve already bought the game, now might be a good time to hop back into the Second World War.

And hey, if it ends up being a disappointment, you at least have Call of Duty: ModernWarfare to look forward to when it debuts on Oct. 25.