Keanu Reeves reprises his role as the dapper hitman in “John Wick: Chapter 2,” gunning down hordes of bad guys in seconds, all while wearing a suave two-button black suit.

The trailer, which dropped on Dec. 19, shows Reeves going head-to-head with an army of international assassins in the franchise’s second film, which hits theatres Feb. 10, 2017. After once again failing to settle into retirement, this time because his house is blown up after John Wick refuses a job, he sets out to settle the score with a new dog in tow.

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For those who don’t know, John Wick has a soft spot for dogs. After his puppy is killed by mobsters in the first movie he goes absolutely apeshit, killing everyone involved. Let’s hope the dog makes it through this one. If not, there’ll be hell to pay.

The trailer is packed with highly choreographed and fast-paced gunfights done in the style that made the first “John Wick” movie such a hit. They’re intense, bloody, and superbly executed.

Though no stranger to action roles, Reeves has undergone a bit of a rebranding with the “John Wick” franchise, making the 52-year-old actor look more like a retired operator — or Hollywood’s idea of one — than the clean-cut hacker he played in “The Matrix.”

For his role in the movie Reeves underwent extensive training. From martial arts to marksmanship training and countless three-gun drills he spent five days a week, eight hours a day in the ring or on the range in order to play an assassin who can kill a man in every way imaginable.

Though clearly, John Wick prefers firearms, and any will do; his own, or yours:

“Do you want a war?” Reeves asks in an earlier teaser trailer. “Or do you wanna just give me a gun?”