The 7 Soldiers You Deal With During Morning PT

James Clark Avatar

It’s 0500, the air is brisk, and there’s a light coating of dew on the grass. It’s a beautiful morning for a six-mile run. Wait a minute. Where the hell is half of the platoon? Sleeping in their beds, or in their car, or at sick call, that’s where.

The military takes all kinds, and nowhere is that more apparent than during morning PT.

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A video by Yusha Thomas, an active-duty soldier and YouTube entertainer, perfectly captures the seven stereotypical soldiers you’ll see at morning PT, and those you won’t, for obvious reasons.

There’s the sick call ranger, who’s never well enough to go on a run, but always has energy to drink after work. And the car sleeper, who thinks it’s a good idea to catch a few minutes of shut-eye before formation, among others.

The video hits close to home for anyone who’s had to endure mass punishment because some asshole couldn’t figure out how to set his alarm or can’t make it through a run because the only time he drinks water is when it’s in an energy drink.

Check out the full video below.