Choose your fighter. 

Will you be: The Dangler? The Nose Breather? The Denier?

Your choice might determine whether you make it through COVID Kombat. So pick wisely.

That’s the gist of a humorous infomercial about the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic by Army Reserve Command. The short clip was first published back in October and recently shared on Twitter by Stars and Stripes reporter Chad Garland

The video runs through a string of examples of how not to wear your mask and is set up like combatants from the classic console fighting game. The fighters range from those who flat-out refuse to wear a mask to those who’d rather treat them as chin diapers.

Army Reserve Command released another COVID Kombat video last month tied to Halloween.

Both videos end on a more serious tone, with messages stressing that there are right and wrong ways to wear a mask, and imploring viewers to take the proper precautions for their and everyone else’s sake.

For God’s sake: Wear a f–king mask.

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