The Army wants you to test your might in COVID Kombat

Choose your fighter. Will you be: The Dangler? The Nose Breather? The Denier?
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Choose your fighter. 

Will you be: The Dangler? The Nose Breather? The Denier?

Nobody cares that it’s easier to breathe with your nose uncovered, Carl, wear your damn mask the right way.

Your choice might determine whether you make it through COVID Kombat. So pick wisely.

That’s the gist of a humorous infomercial about the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic by Army Reserve Command. The short clip was first published back in October and recently shared on Twitter by Stars and Stripes reporter Chad Garland

Contrary to what every E-6 and above might have you believe, Safety Belts do not protect you from everything.

The video runs through a string of examples of how not to wear your mask and is set up like combatants from the classic console fighting game. The fighters range from those who flat-out refuse to wear a mask to those who’d rather treat them as chin diapers.

Army Reserve Command released another COVID Kombat video last month tied to Halloween.

Both videos end on a more serious tone, with messages stressing that there are right and wrong ways to wear a mask, and imploring viewers to take the proper precautions for their and everyone else’s sake.

For God’s sake: Wear a f–king mask.

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