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Watch President Trump Sing ‘God Bless America’ Like The Incredible Patriot That He Is

President Donald Trump is incredibly patriotic. He loves the troops, apple pie, winning, and pro-America songs like the national anthem and others. So it’s no surprise that our president would stick it to those traitorous, kneeling-during-the-anthem Philadelphia Eagles players, by reciting the six total lines one needs to memorize in order to sing God Bless […]

Eagles Fans Get The Party Of A Lifetime: Military Bands And Zero Football Players

A thousand super-fans of the Philadelphia Eagles are getting an amazing treat during their visit to the White House on Tuesday afternoon: Military bands playing and sightings of exactly zero players from their favorite team. The original agenda called for the fans to go and see their Super Bowl-winning team at the White House, along […]

The Trump White House Has Given Us The Dumbest Challenge Coin Of All Time

There’s trouble brewing for President Donald Trump’s historic, unprecedented, spur-of-the-moment summit with the grandson of a communist revolutionary who carved up the Korean peninsula, along with 37,000 or so American servicemembers, back in the day. Also, the White House made a challenge coin to commemorate the maybe-happening summit. Sorry, they didn’t design or produce it; […]

Report: John Kelly Stopped Trump From Pulling US Troops Out Of South Korea

President Donald Trump wanted to withdraw all American troops from the Korean Peninsula earlier this year but White House Chief of Staff John Kelly talked him out of it, NBC News reports. WATCH NEXT: This post is part of BULLET POINTS, our running SITREP of the military stories you need to read now. Sign up for […]

The White House Knew Ronny Jackson Had Issues And Covered It Up

To hear President Donald Trump hear it, Rear Adm. Ronny Jackson is a fine naval officer and physician with no blemishes on his record, and his candidacy to run the Department of Veterans Affairs was scuttled by “vicious rumors” from scheming liberal politicians. There are a lot of problems with Trump’s narrative, but another issue […]

Trump’s VA Pick Withdraws, Calls Drinking And Pill-Pushing Stories ‘False Allegations’

Navy Rear Adm. Ronny Jackson withdrew his name as President Donald Trump’s nominee for Veterans Affairs secretary this morning in a White House press statement. The announcement comes after days of mounting criticism regarding Jackson’s fitness to run the second largest federal agency. “Unfortunately, because of how Washington works, these false allegations have become a […]

Did Trump Just Sorta Fire His VA Nominee Before He Even Got The Job?

It’s been a pretty hectic 24 hours for Navy Rear Adm. Ronny Jackson, the White House’s nominee to be secretary of Veteran Affairs, culminating in a bizarre ramble this afternoon in which President Donald Trump defended Jackson in the weirdest way possible: giving him an opening to bow out of his nomination. Yesterday the news […]

What’s In Store For The Next VA Chief? Let’s Break It Down

It’s been an awkwardly long time coming, but as of yesterday afternoon embattled Veterans Affairs secretary David Shulkin is out of a job. The news comes after a month and a half of uncertainty that began when a scathing inspector general report detailed “serious derelictions” in expensing a Europe trip last summer. And then there […]

John Bolton, Trump’s New War Consigliere, Dodged The ‘Already Lost’ Vietnam War

“I confess I had no desire to die in a Southeast Asian rice paddy… I considered the war in Vietnam already lost.” — John Bolton, 1995 The funny thing about relentlessly pressing for more war in America is that a lot of the most zealous warhawking politicians and pundits over the years — left and […]

DoD: Trump’s Ban Will Not Stop Our Transgender Recruiting And Retention — For Now

President Trump’s decision banning certain transgender people from serving in the military is not the final say on the matter, experts have told Task & Purpose. The White House announced late on March 23 that men and women “with a history or diagnosis of gender dysphoria—those who may require substantial medical treatment, including through medical […]

Trump Just Proposed A ‘Space Force’ That His Generals Definitely Don’t Want

President Donald Trump conquered American politics. Now, he’s eyeing outer space. Speaking to service members at Marine Corps Air Station Miramar in California on Tuesday, the commander-in-chief appeared to propose the creation of an independent branch of the U.S. armed forces, on par with the Army and Navy. “Space is a war-fighting domain just like the […]

They Fought Against Commies In Korea. And They Say Trump Is Making The Right Move

President Trump’s announcement that he would meet with North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un stunned much of the nation. But two Korean War veterans said it was high time for the two leaders to meet. “It’s certainly better to be talking than shooting,” said retired Army Col. Henry Gole, 84, who served as an enlisted […]

Medal of Honor Recipient Clint Romesha: People Should Stop ‘Armchair Quarterbacking’ What They’d Do In A School Shooting

Medal of Honor recipient Clint Romesha says people need to stop “armchair quarterbacking” what they would do during a school shooting. In an appearance on CNN’s The Lead with Jake Tapper, Romesha said all those would-be heroes should “stop talking about it” if they’ve never been in a situation like that. Although the question from […]

Trump Was Right: The Navy’s New Aircraft Catapult Is No Match For ‘Goddamned Steam’

Look, we give President Donald Trump shit for all sorts of reasons: confusion over evening colors, picking fights with the family members of fallen service members, tweeting too much, making service academy graduations about himself, and so on. The purpose of journalism is to challenge the powerful, no matterwho they are, but I’ll be the […]

What Do Combat Vets Think Of Trump’s Proposal To Arm Teachers Against School Shootings?

In the aftermath of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School massacre in Parkland, Florida, President Donald Trump offered a simple solution to end the United States’ sad tradition of school shootings: Arm teachers with “military or special training experience” against potential gunmen. Responding to criticism of a Wednesday listening session in which the president proposed […]

Here’s How To Do Trump’s Parade

President Trump wants a parade. I say, let him have it. But let’s do it American style. He’s suggesting an Independence Day event. Terrific idea, but, to avoid the punishing afternoon heat, let’s do the march down Pennsylvania Avenue at about nine in the morning. At the end of the march have the tanks, infantry […]