One of the crappiest things about getting out of the military is knowing that you’ll never experience the thrill of rolling into battle again. That is, unless you have a bunch of money lying around, in which case you could be rolling up to your next neighborhood BBQ in a Sherman tank. (It’s not battle, but, hey, there’s potato salad.)

That’s right. For the small price of $550,000, a fully restored World War II Sherman M4A2E8 tank named “Madeline” can be yours. Even better: It’s being sold right here in the United States. On eBay. By a guy in Texas, of course.

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According to the listing, the tank “starts, stops, drives and steers excellent with no issues.” It is also stocked with “every accessory that it was issued with and includes a stack of manuals,” just in case you forgot how to operate a war machine that rolled off the assembly line in 1944. The only catch: It’s not equipped with live guns. But that’s probably a good thing — you know, for the rest of us.

Why on earth would a normal, civilian person need to own a tank? Because tanks are cool. And because, judging from this video of Madeline in action, owning a tank is like a nonstop 4th of July party on wheels. Take a look: