The tactical gear industry has grown immensely in the past decade, bringing with it a diverse market of equipment and new innovations and improvements. But amid all the great new products are some real terrible ideas. And 2015 has already set the bar high for bad gear with Perceived Carry Devices, which I came across over at Soldier Systems.

The product is essentially a molded replica of a pistol in a paddle-style holster. The official site provides a list of benefits:

Screen shot from product website.

Guns photo

None of these are particularly compelling selling points; in fact, some of them might get you killed. The marketing slogan for the PCD is “Perception is Reality,” but the reality is that you can’t use a fake gun to defend yourself if it turns out someone has a different perception of whether or not your gun is real. “Security Theater” comes to mind; feeling protected is not the same as actually being equipped to defend yourself. The idea that it’s a great option for those unwilling or unable to commit to the training and safety measures vital to responsibly carry a firearm is dangerous; irresponsible individuals with replica firearms can get themselves into plenty of trouble. Similarly, if a security staff doesn't have the mandate to carry weapons, then equipping him or her with replicas is just asking for trouble.

Finally, not being able to get your favorite ammo is quite possibly the lamest excuse for not using a carry gun you already legally own.

If you’re not comfortable with carrying a firearm for self defense; that’s perfectly fine. But you should pursue other legitimate methods of keeping yourself safe, and avoid purchasing useless props just to make yourself feel protected.