Haley Britzky

Haley Britzky

Former Army Reporter

Haley Britzky was the Task & Purpose Army reporter from 2019 to 2022. She previously worked at Axios covering breaking news. She reports on important developments within the service, from new uniforms to new policies; the realities of military life facing soldiers and their families; and broader cultural issues that expand outside of the Army, touching each of the military services. 


  • Expertise in exploring the good, bad, and ugly of Army and military culture, as well as reporting on military sexual assault and harassment. 
  • Reported in-depth features and exclusives that have shined a light on problematic areas of military policy and life, and demanded accountability from those responsible for them.
  • Before moving to Task & Purpose in 2019, Haley covered breaking news at Axios, and interned at The Hill newspaper for a semester in college.


Haley began her career in journalism as a breaking news intern at Axios, before being hired full time to the breaking news desk. While at Axios she covered an array of topics, including U.S. politics, technology, healthcare, and world news. Since moving to Task & Purpose to report on the Army, Haley has profiled Army leaders, covered military sexual assault and harassment, domestic violence, eating disorders, the end of the war in Afghanistan, military housing issues, and the reckoning within the Army following the death and disappearance of Vanessa Guillén. Haley has appeared on NBC’s Dateline to discuss her work, on various military podcasts such as Zero Blog Thirty and What a Hell of a Way to Die, and in 2020 spoke about military sexual trauma and it’s impact on veterans at a webinar conference with the New York State Health Foundation.


Haley is a graduate of Texas Tech University with a degree in journalism. While in college, she interned in Washington, D.C. at The Hill newspaper for one semester. (Wreck ‘em!)

Fun Fact

Like many Texans, Haley is regularly missing the beauty of the Lone Star State and wishing there was more two-stepping in D.C. And depending on the day you catch her, she may be willing to sell her soul for a Honey BBQ Chicken Strip Sandwich from Whataburger, or some particularly good queso.

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