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Training for the ACFT? There’s now an app for that

"It delivers on all fronts of physical training"
Haley Britzky Avatar

Any excuses that soldiers have for not being able to prepare for the new Army Combat Fitness Test are growing slimmer and slimmer, as the service has released a revamped physical readiness training (PRT) mobile app.

  • The PRT app is meant to help soldiers train for the new fitness test — which becomes the test of record this October — by providing training templates, a collection of exercises, and by helping soldiers calculate their scores to monitor their progress, according to an Army press release.
  • The app even includes walk-through videos from Army drill sergeants on the different exercises to help soldiers not only perfect the movements, but reduce the risk of injuries.
  • “It delivers on all fronts of physical training,” Lt. Co. David Feltwell, physical therapist at the Center for Initial Military Training and an ACFT developer, said in the release. “It gives soldiers information to implement a physical readiness training program regarding all ACFT events by scoring, executing, and helping administer the six events.”
  • The app also helps soldiers avoid any possible cyber security risks that come with using third-party programs, the release says, noting the service’s recent ban on popular Chinese-owned social media app TikTok.
  • You can find the PRT app on the Apple Store, Google Play, and other app stores.