The tale of Marine aviators who flew a phallic pattern over California has what can best be described in massage parlor terminology as a “happy ending”: the two aviators will keep their wings and remain “valued members” of the 3rd Marine Aircraft Wing after being disciplined administratively, a Marine Corps spokesman told Task & Purpose.

  • The Marines had been grounded after using their T-34C from Marine Fighter Attack Training Squadron 101 to fly in a penis-shaped pattern over the Salton Sea.
  • 3rd Marine Aircraft Wing spokesman Maj. Josef Patterson said he was unable to elaborate what kind of administrative punishment the two Marines received due to Privacy Act restrictions.
  • The Oct. 23 incident is the second confirmed military “sky penis” since two Navy aviators in an EA-18G Growler drew such an image with their contrails in the skies over Washington state on Nov. 16, 2017.
  • As in the most recent sky penis case, those Navy aviators received administrative punishment but were allowed to keep flying. But they were also ordered to brief their comrades about how the lack of professionalism that they had displayed and the potential “strategic effects” of their actions.
  • More recently, a B-52 commander was fired for not doing more to stop his airmen from drawing a plethora of penises during the unit’s deployment to Qatar.
  • Former Marine Lance Cpl. Max Uriarte, creator of the “Terminal Lance” comic strip and author of the graphic novel “White Donkey,” recently told Task & Purpose why service members in general and Marines in particular frequently draw or make other artistic representations of the male member.
  • “Somehow, d**ks are always funny,” Uriarte said.

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