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This Odd Piece Of Glass Was Virtually Indestructible. Then It Met An AK-47

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The “Prince Rupert’s Drop” may sound like a silly moniker for a piece of glass, but don’t let the name fool you: These strange baubles are almost indestructible.

Created by plunging molten glass into freezing water, the bulbous ends of these unusual tear-dropped shapes are supposedly nearly impossible to break.

That’s not an unfair assessment: PRDs have been shown to withstand not just blows from a hammer or an impact on a concrete sidewalk, but a straight shot from a .38 Special loaded with some custom-made full metal jackets, thanks to the inquisitive Destin Sandlin at Smarter Every Day.

GIF via SmarterEveryDay

Unfortunately, the Prince Rupert’s Drop isn’t totally indestructible. As part of his quest to test the true strength of the PRD, Sandlin opted for a something a bit more intimidating for his test this past Sunday: the legendary AK-47.

Here’s the interesting thing about this video: While the first AK round completely disintegrates against the PRD, the second shot completely shatters the solid glass teardrop into dust.

GIF via SmarterEveryDay

The moral of the story: Everything is “indestructible” until it meets an AK-47.