Take Your Nerf-Gun Game To The Next Level With This Video

James Clark Avatar

Back when we were kids playing with Nerf guns and relished in the joy of pelting an annoying sibling or friend in the face with foam darts, there were two surefire ways to spoil the fun. First, you’d run out of ammo. Second, the darts you did have never hit a damn thing unless you were standing five feet from your target.

Fortunately for those of us who still remember the days of Nerf battlefield bliss, somebody took on the daunting task of painstakingly testing 16 different types of darts that function with Nerf guns, notes Gizmodo which first discovered the video.

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Frank Cooper, who makes YouTube videos for Nerf enthusiasts (yeah, that’s apparently a real thing), breaks it down Barney style and tests each type of dart to see which one yields the tightest shot group in this 24-minute video, which took several hours to make. That’s a lot of time to spend lobbing darts at a wall, but who are we to judge?

Check out the video to see which dart brand yields the best results.