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Welcome to The Gear List, a semi-regular series where we spotlight the best discounts and deals on tactical gear, outdoor equipment, and everything in between.

A good set of binoculars belongs in everyone’s pack. Long-range vision is key to situational awareness, whether you’re overseas, in the field, or glassing the back 40 for the buck of the year. Most binoculars top out at eight- or 10-power magnification. That’s adequate most of the time, but you’ll occasionally need to get a clear view beyond that effective range. What you need for that is this set of 16-power binoculars.

Nikon’s Aculon line is aimed at providing exceptional value for your money so it’s no surprise that the products are a big hit with our readers and staff. The combination of bang for the buck, lightness, and quality that punches above its price tag make Aculons a hot-ticket item. When they’re on sale for 20 percent off, the decision is easy.

These prices were valid at press time, but prices can change and deals do expire.

Price: was $139.95, now $111.95
Seller: Amazon

Before we get into the nitty-gritty, let’s have a quick refresh. The number you see before the “x” is the binocular’s magnification power; in this case, 16. That’ll let you get a worthwhile picture far beyond what most binoculars and rifle scopes can offer. The following number indicates the objective lens diameter in millimeters; 50 in the case of these Nikons. That’s pretty damn big, and it lets in a lot of light. That yields better low-light performance that you’d get from a lot of binoculars and helps that magnification power be put to use.

If you’re going to carry this much power, you need to be aware that it’s not compact or light. We’re talking about an overall length of more than seven inches and a weight of two pounds. Furthermore, this much magnification can be difficult to use freehand. Be prepared to brace yourself or use a tripod or monopod with the included mounting bracket. These aren’t ideal for everyone, but if you live out west or on the water with lots of ground to keep an eye on, these binoculars are for you.