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Welcome to The Gear List, a semi-regular series where we spotlight the best discounts and deals on tactical gear, outdoor equipment, and everything in between.

As you know, we at Task & Purpose are here to be a supportive force for our fellow knife addicts. As with a stock portfolio, your knife collection should be diversified to ensure that you remain prepared for a variety of unforeseen economic and slicing conditions. That means acquiring knives across the price spectrum — and today, we’re taking a look at some bear-market opportunities to build a durable collection of your own.

On the affordable side of things, Ontario Knife Company is a regular in Task & Purpose gear guides simply because the company’s solid, reliable blades fit an entry-level budget and far outperform the kind of crap you’ll find at the base exchange. The RAT II is one of our go-to folders, and right now it’s almost half price on Amazon. If you’re looking to indulge your taste for the finer things, you can get the job done at a hefty discount with the Cold Steel AD-10 and Recon 1 as well.

All three of these knives are great additions to your collection, and they’re all marked down between 40 and 50 percent on Amazon right now. Deals this good don’t come around every day, so picking one up now would be a smart move – not that we’re giving financial advice.

These prices were valid at press time, but prices can change and deals do expire.

Price: was $46.00, now $24.22
Seller: Amazon

To a lot of knife enthusiasts, the OKC RAT II represents everything an affordable knife should be. Entry-level AUS-8 steel and nylon handle scales keep costs down, as does limited detail work in the manufacturing process. Still, OKC delivers when it counts. The RAT II has received praise for its out-of-the-box sharpness and surprisingly good durability. It’s a good value at $46 and a no-brainer at less than $25. If you’re looking for a practical field knife that you don’t have to baby, this is a fantastic option.

Another thing this knife is good for is developing your skills with a blade. I’m not talking about cutting and slicing; I’m talking about proper maintenance. During rigorous hands-on testing, one of our gear reviewers found that he was able to bring the knife back to like-new condition after serious abuse in a salt bath and edge-punishing cutting. Invest in a whetstone and some basic lubricant to learn how to keep all your knives at their best by practicing on this one.

Price: was $239.99, now $129.94
Seller: Amazon

Climbing on up to the higher end of the folding knife price range, we find the Cold Steel AD-10. Normally this one would set you back $240 (shoutout to the M240, the most underappreciated weapon in the U.S. military;s arsenal right now), but an Amazon sale has the price down to $130. No matter what your knife-buying strategy looks like, saving $90 is a good idea.

This knife benefits from S35VN steel which makes the blade famously durable and hard-wearing in extreme environments. Pronounced jimping on the blade and textured G-10 scales offer tons of grip. The thumb studs and pocket clip are ambidextrous, so you can carry this knife on either side. It’s small enough to carry as an EDC blade, but more than tough enough to be your go-to field knife. Normally it’s priced out of range for most knife buyers, but now is the time to get one on the cheap.

Price: was $176.99, now $94.44
Seller: Amazon

Tanto point enthusiasts, rejoice, because we didn’t forget about you. Everyone should have a knife with a tanto point because of the design’s proven puncturing power and overall badass appearance. A blacked-out tactical one like this is even better.

Like the AD-10, the Recon 1 has a blade made from high-quality S35VN steel that was forged to excel in the field. The black coating doesn’t just look good, it adds an extra layer of protection against rust and corrosion. The Recon 1 comes with several different blade styles, but I like this plain-edged (non-serrated) tanto point an awful lot. It’s practical enough for everyday use, ready for battle, and easy to sharpen without a curve to contend with. I could understand being hesitant to drop nearly $180 on this knife, but at less than $95 I really can’t see a reason not to make it your tanto of choice.