Well, the day has finally arrived: Soldiers are now graduating from Basic Training in the new Army Greens service uniform.

Colloquially referred to as ‘pink and greens,’ there’s been a lot of buzz about the World War II-era throwback duds for the past several years. But for one lucky group of soldiers, the wait is now over.

On Nov. 16, Class 64-20, Alpha Battery, 1st Battalion, 79th Field Artillery Regiment, graduated Basic Training at Fort Sill in Oklahoma sporting the new Army Green Service Uniform, making them the first class of soldiers to do so, Fort Sill Public Affairs confirmed to Task & Purpose.

A tweet from 1-79th’s official Twitter account shows the soldiers earlier in their training when they first got word that they’d be rocking the service’s newest uniform.

There’s been a slow trickle of updates about who’ll get the uniforms and when, with recruiters as well as soldiers at Fort Knox in Kentucky getting their hands on the uniforms back in July.

In June, Stars and Stripes reported that every newly-graduated soldier would walk across the parade deck in a set of Army Greens. While that may seem a long way off, it does seem to be worth the wait based on the photos.

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