The new psychological thriller “The Wall” pits two soldiers on an Army sniper team against a faceless enemy marksman in Iraq.

In a recent trailer John Cena, who plays one of the two soldiers, is shot while investigating the scene of an ambush. His spotter, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, who starred in “Kick-Ass,” is forced to take cover behind a mud-brick wall.

With his friend badly injured and trapped in the open, Taylor-Johnson, who is also wounded, engages in a deadly game of wits and marksmanship with a sniper who taunts him over his own comms.

In one scene the shooter says to Taylor-Johnson “when this is over, his family won't recognize him,” using Cena’s character, first as bait, and then as a tool to get under Taylor-Johnson’s skin.

The movie centers around three characters, Cena, Taylor-Johnson and the sniper, and it’s their performance that will have to carry “The Wall” through to its bloody conclusion, whatever that may be.

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“The Wall” is set to hit theatres in March and features Cena in a different role than we’ve seen him in before. For anyone thinking this will be like “The Marine” it seems unlikely that Doug Liman, the director behind “Edge of Tomorrow” and “The Bourne Identity,” will boil the former wrestler-turned actor down to a two-dimensional ogre with a high and tight.

As the trailer cuts rapidly to different shots of the two men Cena’s character chants a mantra as he struggles to stay alive: “The scope is an extension of my eye, the trigger is an extension of my fist, the rifle is an extension of me, and I strike you down.”

The only thing that seems certain about “The Wall” is that someone is going to die, let’s hope it’s the bad guy. Check out the full trailer below and see for yourself.