If you love the recent deluge of viral 'Tetris Challenge' photos showing service members and first responders lying alongside their neatly-organized gear, then you're going to go buck wild for this intimidating shot from the Netherlands Marine Corps.

On Friday, the official Twitter account of the Korps Mariners dropped a photo of a quartet of the country's elite infantry troop posing in the buff with a simple message: “Our body is our weapon.”

This isn't the first stab at the Tetris Challenge by the armed forces of the Netherlands. Nearly a month ago, the Royal Netherlands Army dropped this great photo of a medical Boxer armored vehicle.

Europe photo

And let's not forget this one from a Dutch police team.

Europe photo

But it's worth noting that, established in 1665, the Netherlands Marine Corps' motto is Qua Patet Orbis, or “As Far as the World Extends.”

This probably isn't what what the country's then-Prime Minister Johan de Witt had in mind at the time.