Over the past six years, Task & Purpose has established itself as a leading digital media site by providing news, culture stories, and analysis by and for the military community.

To say I’m enormously proud of everything we’ve accomplished is an understatement. Our journalists and contributors, many of them military veterans themselves, have reported on American veterans being pressed into Mexican drug cartels, revealed what generals behind the failures of the war in Afghanistan think and say in private, and recounted stories of heroism on and off the battlefield that are rarely covered by larger outlets.

More recently, we published Pentagon documents outlining the true nature of the pandemic and leaked audio that led to the swift downfall of the Secretary of the Navy. We’ve come a long way from the scrappy little military blog that began in 2014. Now, many of our stories are read by both corporals and colonels alike, with some even shared within the halls of Congress.

So I’m incredibly excited to share the next chapter in the Task & Purpose story.

As of this week, we’re no longer a small digital media company punching well above its weight. We’ve been acquired by Brookline Media — a new, venture-backed media organization — and that means we’re joining forces with two of the most-read websites in their arenas: The War Zone and The Drive.

This is a huge move for us. It means we’ll be in a position to take Task & Purpose to the next level, continue to grow our incredible audience, better optimize our site for our readers, and bring you even more of the stories that truly matter to the post-9/11 military, veterans, and the broader American public.

Rest assured, we’ll continue to focus on what’s made us so successful thus far: You, our readers in the military community and beyond.

And with the added might of The War Zone, one of the very best defense technology news sites on the internet, and our sister organization MilSpouseFest, the leading online community for military families, we aim to become the top online destination for the men and women who serve our nation day in and day out. Together, these three sites now reach more than 11 million readers each month.

So what does this mean for the stories you read on Task & Purpose every day? For now, very little will change, if anything. Our editorial team remains intact and focused on its core mission: finding and sharing the stories that you need to know. Our deputy editor Jared Keller is launching a product review vertical we’re super excited about. And we’re looking forward to growing the team and the site even more in the years to come.

Above all else, I want to thank you, our readers. It’s because of your tips, feedback, and support that we’ve been able to pursue some of the most important stories we have ever done. We exist to serve you, the people who choose to serve us. And we hope you’ll stay with us on our next adventure.