When traveling or PCSing to a new area, especially overseas, servicemembers and their families are usually bombarded with information and left to their own devices to parse it out. 

Assuming you even had the time to review what you’d been given, how helpful is that information once you’ve settled in? You’re often completely reliant on outdated or biased sources on everything from the best restaurants to the areas you should avoid at all costs. If you’re not fortunate enough to speak the language, then you will be even more dependent on English-speaking sources to curate and provide useful information to make informed decisions. 

Those in the intelligence community know all too well how ‘stove-piping’ of information and a limited number of sources can present a problem. When you have multiple experts handling a portion of any given problem set, the solution can be missed, resulting in missed target opportunities, or conversely exposing friendly assets to enemy influence and/or operations. The same concept is true for servicemembers and their families when visiting or living in a foreign country.

What if there was a better way? (Spoiler alert: there is!) 

Intelligence photo

Creator and founder Isaiah Lopez began building threat intelligence products to support government and military personnel around the world after the 2015 terrorist attacks in Paris, France. Eventually, those products and many others would provide the basis for integrating private sector intelligence into a platform that was easy to use, accurate, and most importantly, useful.

That’s how OZZI GOV was born. It’s a mobile phone app that streamlines intelligence reports, threat analysis, and AI social media analysis to give users instant, up-to-date information about any local area at home or abroad.

Just moved to Germany? Now you can review local COVID-19 transmission statistics, PPE requirements, curfew restrictions, and  business constraints.

On TDY to Yemen? The app will provide almost-immediate threat analysis and recommendations for action during events like terrorist attacks, military actions, or local unrest. 

Moving to a new post in the U.S.? The app provides the common operating picture needed to prepare, adapt and respond to any risks developing around you or your family with neighborhood-level accuracy.

The beauty of the OZZI GOV app is that its utility extends far beyond the needs of just military and credentialed government officials & contractors. Family members now have access to information about heightened crime areas, and even events like gas leaks or suspicious packages. The information is updated in real-time, providing better situational awareness so service members and their families can operate, both recreationally and professionally.

OZZI GOV rigorously meets all Federal mobile application security requirements through its NIAP compliance and does not collect, store, or share the personally identifiable information of any users. All data is anonymous, encrypted, secure and private.  The authentication to OZZI GOV is owned and managed completely by the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency’s identity management system – GEOAxIS. This authentication layer passes an encrypted token to vetted mobile applications ensuring zero access to any user’s personally identifiable information (PII). 

Bottom line, OZZI GOV is one of those rare applications that takes the best of the intelligence community and curates it into a usable, easily digestible product for servicemembers and their families alike. 

Available to anyone holding a valid active U.S. Government identification, OZZI GOV can be downloaded for free on the GEOINT App store HERE. Give it a try today.

This article is sponsored by OZZI GOV.