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A new bill would officially prohibit Trump from nuking hurricanes

Editor’s Note: This article originally appeared on Business Insider. A bill that would prohibit the president or any other federal agency from using nuclear weapons to alter “weather patterns or addressing climate change,” was introduced in Congress on June 1, The Washington Post reported. The proposal is part of the Climate Change and Hurricane Correlation […]

US officials reportedly considered pulling nuclear weapons out of Turkey, effectively ending the US-Turkey alliance

US officials might move the US nuclear arsenal from Incirlik air base in Turkey. This move would wreck the tense relationship between the US and Turkey, which has devolved as Turkey attacked Kurdish forces that fought ISIS. Experts have questioned the wisdom of housing weapons in Turkey, in part due to the country's political instability.

Military Jokingly Mentions Dropping Nukes In Tweet About New Year’s Ball Drop

The U.S. military is ringing in the New Year with jokes seemingly about nuclear armageddon. In a tweet reminiscent of something Gen. Jack Ripper might say, the account of Omaha, Nebraska-based U.S. Strategic Command shared that the Times Square tradition of ringing in the New Year consisted of “dropping the big ball,” adding that, “if […]

Russia Claims Its New ICBM Can Evade US Defenses. Don’t Worry, We Couldn’t Stop The Old Ones Either

Russian President Vladimir Putin unveiled on Thursday a new nuclear-tipped intercontinental ballistic missile he said would render defense systems “useless,” but surprise, assholes: Our current missile defenses probably couldn’t stop your old ones, either. The new ICBM has a longer range and “can reach almost any target in the world,” according to NBC News. And […]

No, The Nuclear Bombers Aren’t Going Back On 24-Hour Alert — Yet

Amid what feels like a never-ending cycle of nuclear brinksmanship with North Korea, the Air Force may return its fleet of nuclear-capable B-52 Stratofortresses to the 24-hour ground alert cycle that defined the bomber fleet for decades during the height of the Cold War, according to an exclusive report from Defense One. The 24-hour “strip […]