Titanium is tough, really tough.

“Titanium is a super strong, yet super light metal,” explains Matt Carriker in a YouTube video on Demolition Ranch, a cross between a comedy show and a gun show.

“It even floats on water,” exclaims Carriker, the show’s host, as he tosses an inch-and-a-half thick block of it into a nearby pond. It sinks immediately.


In the video, Carriker demonstrates just how strong titanium is by unloading on it with an arsenal of weapons, starting with .22 long-rifle cartridge fired from a pistol.

Barely even a scratch.

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Over the course of the video, the guns and their calibers increase in size, until he’s aiming down the scope of an AR-15, firing 5.56 at close range.

A little bit better, but it’s not the result Carriker’s after. Fortunately, he’s got one last thing in his toolbox.

“I always forget about this little guy. He’s always hiding at the bottom of my gun cabinet,” he deadpans. “It’s just a Barrett .50.”

Carriker started Demolition Ranch in 2011, and the channel features new videos weekly, with the host and his guest stars often shooting wildly impractical weapons, like this quad shotgun, or this can cannon.

Check out the YouTube video by Demolition Ranch below, and see for yourself just how hard it is to punch through an inch of titanium.