Up through World War II, most photos taken were only shown in black and white. But now, thanks to Brazilian artist Marina Amaral, we are able to glimpse history through a new lens — in color.

“I've always been passionate about history and very interested in World War II,” Amaral told Task & Purpose.

She said she began to experiment with Photoshop when she was a child, but it was just a hobby, never anything serious.

However, she said, “One day I found a few colorizations on the internet, by accident, and I was fascinated by the possibility to transform my two passions into one single thing.”

But the colorizations are no easy feat, she added.

“It's like a traditional painting,” she said. “Research, lots of layers of different colors and many hours of patience. Every single pixel is colored by hand — there is nothing automatic in the process.”

Lucky for us, Amaral was kind enough to share six stunning World War II photos with Task & Purpose.

1. Soldiers from C Company, 36th Armored Infantry Regiment, 9th Infantry Division, in Germany, Dec. 11, 1944.

Marina Amaral

2. On April 21, 1944, one-man submarine lands on Peter Beach in the Anzio Beachhead area of Italy, and is examined by U.S. soldiers.

Marina Amaral

3. U.S. Marines in a Landing Craft Vehicle Personnel approach Iwo Jima, Japan, on Feb. 9, 1945.

Marina Amaral

4. On Aug. 3, 1944, U.S. soldiers of the 1st U.S. Infantry Division patrol the deserted road to Mortain, France.

Marina Amaral

5. A German soldier is captured during the Battle of Moscow, Russia, on Dec. 1, 1941.

Marina Amaral

6. A flight crew stands by the B-26 Marauder in 1944.

Marina Amaral

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