As I spend most of my day online, it takes a lot for something to truly make me gasp.

But while taking my daily stroll through the unofficial Army Reddit page today, I saw something truly spectacular nestled among the tomfoolery and general questions that litter /r/Army.

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Over the weekend, the airmen at MacDill Air Force Base made the mistake of inviting a known fraud into their midst.

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Retired Air Force Gen. Paul Selva and his beard. (U.S. Air Force/Professional Services Council)

It is an indisputable, undeniable truth that veterans absolutely love their post-service beards, and this love makes no exceptions based on rank.

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Oops (Twitter)

There's something very, very wrong with a recent tweet from the official Twitter account of the Defense Department. Can you spot it?

Let's zoom in, just in case.

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Army Sgt. Michael Zamora uses a prototype Third Arm exoskeleton to easily aim an 18-pound M249 light machine gun during testing at Aberdeen Proving Ground, Maryland, March 14, 2018.(U.S. Army/Conrad Johnson)

Earlier this week, I reported that U.S. Special Operations Command was working on an articulated, gyrostabilized "third arm" to help enhance operator's accuracy downrange.

Naturally, Task & Purpose readers responded with a barrage of dick jokes.

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