Louisiana lawmakers recently passed a bill through the state legislature that will eliminate the fees for veterans seeking licenses to carry concealed weapons.

Sponsored by Rep. Tanner Magee, a Republican, the proposed legislation would do away with concealed carry permit fees for veterans entirely.

The bill is now awaiting gubernatorial approval after passing through the state senate with a 37 to one vote on May 3.

Currently, a five-year concealed carry permit costs $125 and a lifetime permit costs $500, but veterans only pay half for either.

Some states like Florida have taken to shortening the wait time to issue concealed carry licenses to veterans, while others just offer veterans the option to opt out of further firearms training.

There are also several ongoing petitions to allow active-duty service members to carry concealed weapons for security, in the wake of the Fort Hood and Chattanooga shootings.

The current policy to qualify for concealed carry requires service members to be actively serving in law enforcement or have 10 or more years' experience in law enforcement.