Marine Corps cancels physical fitness test requirement over COVID-19

Paul Szoldra Avatar

The Marine Corps is cancelling its physical fitness test requirement, according to a tweet from the service’s top general.

Commandant Gen. David Berger said Tuesday on Twitter that the semi-annual PFT requirement would be cancelled over COVID-19 prevention guidelines. “Our fitness to fight remains a priority, and I expect each us to continue to maintain our fighting condition,” he added.

Berger also alluded to a forthcoming Marine Administrative message, which would have further details. A MARADMIN regarding the change to the PFT has not yet been posted.

All Marines are required to conduct a PFT at least once a year, which mainly consists of a three-mile run, pullups, and crunches.

Meanwhile, although dropping the PFT requirement temporarily is undoubtedly a welcome change that will ensure the health and safety of Marines, the Corps still continues its uncompromising attitude toward Marines still getting their haircuts.