Soldier In Serious Condition Following Syria Bombing That Killed 4 Others

His family is asking for prayers

A soldier remains in serious condition after being injured in the deadly ISIS bombing that killed two other U.S. service members, a DoD civilian, and a defense contractor in Syria last week, Stars and Stripes reports.

  • Capt. Jonathan Turnbull, 32, is receiving treatment in Germany at Landstuhl Regional Medical Center for injuries sustained from a suicide bomber in the Syrian city of Manbij on Jan. 17
  • Turnbull's aunt, Suzanne Hollister, said last week that they were told he “shouldn't have made it,” and that “God has protected him so far,” according to Stars and Stripes.
  • Turnbull's cousin, Erin Turnbull, said on the GoFundMe page that has since been taken down, that surgeons in Iraq “removed shrapnel and placed a shunt in Turnbull's head to relieve pressure on the brain,” per Star sand Stripes, and that it's unclear if he regained vision he lost in his eye.
  • While ISIS claimed responsibility for the bombing, a Pentagon investigation into the attack is still ongoing.

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Haley Britzky
Haley Britzky

is the Army reporter for Task & Purpose, covering the daily happenings in the Army and how they impact soldiers and their families, as well as broader national security issues. Originally from Texas, Haley previously worked at Axios before joining Task & Purpose in January 2019. Contact the author here.

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