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Soldiers get to wear this brown fleece cap now so congrats on that I guess

Just in time for Christmas.
Haley Britzky Avatar

Soldiers are now getting what they’ve always asked for: Another headwear option with their combat uniform, as long as their commander allows it.

Thank you, Lord, for progress!

In a Facebook post on Monday, Army Human Resources Command said that Chief of Staff Gen. James McConville gave the OK on the wear of Coyote Brown Fleece Cap along with the Army combat uniform starting in 2020. Currently, according to, soldiers can only wear the black fleece cap.

Now, soldiers can keep their noggins warm while also matching the brown in their uniform — because as we all know, color coordination is something soldiers care for deeply.

Much to my surprise as a lowly civilian, people…got heated in the Facebook comments of this post? Yes, this post — a post about a new color of hat people can now wear. Others apparently didn’t know that this wasn’t already allowed.

“Do us a favor and STOP making it at the discretion of the Commander!” one user commented. “News flash not all Commanders agree with the Chief of Staff therefore some Soldiers will never get to wear the fleece cap.”

“When we gonna be able to grow a beard, to hell with a beanie,” another said.

“I’ve been wearing this at my discretion since like 2013,” another added. “Didn’t know it wasn’t a thing…”

But the comment that really summed it all up: “I just love how polarizing a fleece cap is. It’s great fun.”