A Russian man got drunk as all hell and tried to hijack an airplane on Tuesday, according to Russian news agencies.

So, pretty much your typical day in Siberia. No seriously: As Reuters notes, “drunken incidents involving passengers on commercial flights in Russia are fairly common, though it is unusual for them to result in flights being diverted.”

Aeroflot SU1515 took off from Surgut in Siberia at 12:55 p.m. Moscow time before it changed course about 15 minutes later, according to CNN. The reason was 41-year-old Pavel Shapovalov, who claimed he had a gun and tried to break into the cockpit to demand they fly to Afghanistan, for some reason.

It probably went something like this:

Super Troopers-you boys like mexico?

The pilot instead made an emergency landing in West Siberia, where Shapovalov was taken off the plane by a bunch of cops as other passengers clapped (he did not actually have a gun).

According to RT, this isn't his first run in with law: He was previously convicted on charges of property damage and has been detained “multiple times” — I know this will come as a shock — over drunk and disorderly behavior.

He could face jail time between seven to 12 years, according to Reuters.

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