A Marine Sniper Designed This ‘Survival Grenade’ And Now I Want One

Hand grenades just got an upgrade. Normally, those little bundles of death are reserved for situations when you absolutely need to destroy everything in a small area, but a Marine veteran and former scout sniper found a way to improve on that design.

Tons of rope and 28 live-saving doodads await.Photo via ZAPS Gear

The Z.A.P.S. survival grenade is a one-time-use kit wrapped in 40 feet of 550 paracord, and was created by Jeremy McIlroy, a former Marine scout sniper, who took his survival training to the private sector as the president of Zombie Apocalypse Paracord Survival Gear Inc. The kit costs $75, is waterproof and comes with all the tools, rope, and doodads you need to stay alive in the wild or while on the run from flesh-eating undead.

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To open the survival grenade, all you have to do is pull the ripcord — which glows in the dark — and then unspool it. Once it’s all laid out. you’ll be left with plenty of rope, and 28 survival tools. Inside there’s a compass; fire starter; some candles; a knife; a few matches; fishing line; hooks; a few cotton balls; a one-gallon Ziplock bag; a whistle; water purification tablets; and all kinds of other stuff that’ll probably save your life.

“I have put my training, experience, and a lot of thought into designing this survival kit with the hope that it will save lives,” McIlroy explains on the company website. “No one wants an accident to happen when they go out into the backwoods, but sooner or later it will happen to someone. Don’t go out without preparing beforehand.”