The Naval Criminal Investigative Service has found no evidence of any crime behind a video that spread last year of a Marine claiming he helped bury a body after a murder at Camp Lejeune, North Carolina, an NCIS official said.

“NCIS conducted an investigation into the allegations mentioned in the TikTok video and did not find any evidence of a crime or any additional subjects,” NCIS spokesman Darwin Lam told Task & Purpose on Friday.

 Lam declined to say exactly how many people NCIS investigatedThe Onslow County Sheriff’s Office in North Carolina also looked into the matter, and ultimately closed its investigation without finding any evidence of criminality or filing any charges, according to the sheriff’s office.

NCIS began looking into the matter last year after the video was shared on TikTok.  Task & Purpose confirmed at the time that the man speaking in the video is Marine Sgt. Jonathon Fehr.

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In the video, Fehr tells a woman who is off camera that  he and two other men allegedly buried the body of a “biker dude” on Camp Lejeune after the other two men killed him outside a pub near the base.

Fehr tells the woman that the three men buried  the body in the woods near a landing zone at Camp Lejeune. The sprawling North Carolina base has dozens of remote training ranges that are used as landing zones.

In October, Fehr told WRAL-TV in Raleigh, North Carolina that he was not being serious when he talked about helping to bury the body at Camp Lejeune. The video is roughly four years old, Fehr added.

He also said he was intoxicated at the time, and he did not know that he was being recorded.

“We were drinking all weekend, right,” Fehr told the television station. “It started with us, like, telling stories from, like, when we were, like, privates and lance corporals; talking about what our NCO [noncommissioned officer] used to say to us to intimidate us. And I was merely just, like, reiterating a story that I was told, that everybody knew was a joke.”

When contacted by Task & Purpose on Friday, Fehr referred all questions to a Marine Corps spokesperson.

Fehr is currently an active-duty Marine with the 2nd Marine Division, said division spokesman 1st Lt. Luke Weida.

“There are currently no charges pending in his case,” Weida told Task & Purpose, referring further questions to NCIS.

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