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SEAL Who Killed Bin Laden Just Said He Supports Women In Combat

Adam Linehan Avatar

Fox Business host Stuart Varney had his mind officially blown on Feb. 16 when Robert O’Neill, the former Navy SEAL who killed Osama bin Laden, revealed himself as a supporter of women in special operations.

“These Islamic fighters, they don’t fear death, but they do fear hell,” said O’Neill. “If they’re killed by women, they go to hell, as far as they know.”

O’Neill reinforced his position by explaining that he had worked extensively with women on the battlefield as a SEAL, saying, “We use them a lot for some of the searching of women and children.”

While admitting that he’s “barely even been in a fistfight” and doesn’t “understand combat,” Varney remained incredulous.

“Are you telling me you are perfectly okay going into a life and death situation with a woman by your side?” he asked. “I’m told that it changes the dynamics of the group you’re operating with.”

“If they don’t lower the standards,” said O’Neill, “then, yes, they should be able to.”

“Women and men working together is better,” he added.

Unconvinced, or simply hoping to elicit a controversial response from his guest, Varney offered up this curious observation: “I think men have a sort of a hunter-gatherer mentality. They go out and break things and kill people.”

But O’Neill held his ground. “The hardest military training in the world is the Navy SEALs,” he said. “If she can make it , she deserves a shot.”

Watch the Fox Business interview here: