A soldier has been charged in relation to a vehicle rollover at West Point that left one cadet dead and 21 others injured, Task & Purpose has confirmed.

Staff Sgt. Ladonies P. Strong with the 3rd Infantry Division's Task Force 1-28 from Fort Benning, Georgia, was charged with “multiple violations of the Uniform Code of Military Justice” on Sept. 13, 3rd ID spokesman Lt. Col. Patrick Husted said in a statement.

Army Times first reported the charges on Thursday.

The charges against Strong include one specification of involuntary manslaughter, reckless operation of a vehicle, negligent homicide, and prevention of authorized seizure of property, as well as two specifications of dereliction of duty.

According to Husted, Strong is currently awaiting a preliminary Article 32 hearing, which is scheduled for mid-October.

“The incident remains under investigation and at this point the command has not yet made a decision whether the charges will be referred to a court-martial; that decision won't be made until after the Article 32 hearing is complete,” Husted said.

Army photo

Aerial footage of the vehicle involved in the June 6, 2019 rollover at West Point that left one cadet dead and 21 others injured.(NBC News screenshot)

Cadet Christopher J. Morgan, 22, was a rising senior at the U.S. Military Academy when he died of injuries sustained in a Light Medical Tactical Vehicle rollover in June on the way to a land navigation course.

Two soldiers and 19 other cadets were injured.

Morgan's wrestling coach at West Point, Kevin Ward, said the cadet “was a talented, hardworking, and determined athlete who loved his sport. Chris has an infectious personality with a smile big enough to fill any room, and a heart big enough to love everyone around him. He made everyone around him better and he will be greatly missed.”