The Navy has come a long way over the last 50 years in terms of its treatment of women, as evidenced by a dating video from 1967.

That year, the service made an instructional video for its officers called “How To Succeed With Brunettes.”

The 16-minute film includes a full lesson explaining the dos and don’ts of dating brown-haired women. It provides 10 approaches for how to deal with brunettes.

  1. Do show up on time. A good looking brunette won’t wait around forever.
  2. Do treat her as an equal; she likes that.
  3. Do order her food for her.
  4. Do open doors for her.
  5. Do offer her assistance when walking to the car, or into a restaurant.
  6. Don’t be late.
  7. Don’t hold her coat up too high when you assist her with putting it on.
  8. Don’t force her to shake anyone’s hand, let her offer her hand.
  9. Don’t walk on the inside of the sidewalk, instead walk curb side.
  10. Don’t forget, ladies go first — she must always precede you.

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By today’s standards, these dating tips fit a hysterically chauvinistic mindset. And if you follow the pieces of advice given, you will not succeed with brunettes. In fact, you will probably be slapped in the face by any self-respecting woman.

Watch “How to succeed with brunettes” below.