Sailors, rejoice! The much-despised yellow (er, “gold”) Navy PT uniform is going the way of bell-bottom trousers. Starting in October, sailors can purchase the Optional Physical Training Uniform at Navy Exchange Uniform and Customer Care, Navy officials said.

  • The golden PT top will be banished! Instead, sailors will be able to wear a blue T-shirt with an eagle design on the left chest and “America’s Navy Forged By The Sea” written on the back, according to NAVADMIN 163/18.
  • The running shorts will have the Navy’s logo on the front left leg and a zippered pocket on the back right side, according to the Navy-wide message – the most important document on maritime affairs since Alfred Thayer Mahan’s classic “The Influence of Sea Power Upon the French Revolution and Empire.”
  • Commands will decide if and when to allow sailors to wear the new uniform during PT, Navy officials said. The Navy has not yet determined how much the new uniform costs. When it becomes a seabag item, the clothing allowance for enlisted sailors will be adjusted to cover the expense.
  • So far, the Navy has not determined the timeline for phasing out the current PT uniform, so don’t deep-six the golden top just yet, service officials said.