Two Naval Academy student athletes sent a video viral last week showing them driving in a car while lip-syncing “Love Is An Open Door” from the smash hit Disney movie, Frozen.

We’ve all sang in the car, I’ve just never looked this cool doing it.

The two men have been identified by USA Today as Brad Borosak and Matt Kilby from the Naval Academy’s baseball team.

It used to be that military culture dissuaded from showing their non-hyper-masculine sides like lip-syncing kids songs in the car. Is this what military precision applied to child songs looks like? Think of what we’ve been missing out on… Guys, next do Animal Crackers In My Soup by Shirley Temple.

I spent the whole video thinking about how much the guy on the left looked like he could really get the high notes.

Also hoping that they hilariously crashed into something while they were driving. Nothing serious … just like a fire hydrant, a small tree, an ice fortress …

If you don’t think this is awesome, let it go.