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The Army is offering a $60,000 bonus for warrant officers in the air defense branch

That could buy so many Rip Its.
Haley Britzky Avatar

The Army is offering a nice chunk of change for new warrant officers as it works to fill out its air defense artillery branch.

  • According to an Army press release, the $60,000 bonus the service is offering is up for grabs for soldiers, as well as sailors and airmen in other services.
  • Every year, the Army needs 68 new ADA warrant officers, the release says. Only two of the three specialities for ADA warrant officers are offering the bonus — air and missile defense technician, and air and missile defense systems technician.
  • Currently, the ADA warrant branch is only six percent women, which the Army is looking to improve, Army Chief Warrant Officer 4 Jonathon Boone, the ADA Proponent warrant officer, said in the press release.