A Navy Vet Is Trying To Break The Record For Most Pull-Ups In 24 Hours

Adam Linehan Avatar

The world record for most pull-ups in 24 hours is 7,306. This is insane, and why anyone would feel the need to break this perfectly impressive record is beyond me (and that, of course, is why I eat Doritos for breakfast).

From April 28 to 29, two men — Nick Janowitz, a Navy veteran, and Jeremy Miller, who is reportedly joining the Navy — will attempt the unnecessary, and for a good cause. The event, hosted by nonprofit organization Pull-Up Bars for Patriots, will take place in the town of Elmhurst, Illinois, and all proceeds will go to erecting permanent memorials to fallen service members — in the form of pull-up bars.

“The fallen service men and women whom these bars honor knew the importance of physical fitness, determination and dedication,” the Pull-Up Bars for Patriots websiteproclaims. “When a set of pull-bars go up, it honors the fallen, while encouraging you to do pull-ups, even just one, in remembrance.”

Donations raised during this weekend’s event, which is open to the public, will go to building a set of pull-up bars in Elmhurst to honor Army Sgt. Joseph Vanek, an Illinois-native who was killed by a sniper while serving with the 82nd Airborne in Baghdad in 2007.

“I’m doing this to honor and show my gratitude to those who have died for our country,” Miller said in a statement. “It’s mind blowing to me how many kids my age take advantage of the freedoms they have without taking into consideration the sacrifices that we made so they can have that freedom. Hearing stories of what these fallen men and women have done for us makes doing 24 hours of pull-up seem a little bit easier.”

We wish Janowitz and Miller all the best as they embark on this extraordinary endeavor. And, guys, just remember: If you do, like, 100 pull-ups and call it quits, that’s totally okay. That’s still 100 times more pull-ups than most people will ever do in their life.