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A Sailor’s Worst Nightmare: When Mom Inadvertently Turns You Into A Viral Meme

Paul Szoldra Avatar

Oh boy, what did mom do now?

We suspect that’ll be the thought other military personnel will likely have in the future after one poor, unsuspecting sailor got caught up in a viral meme started by his mom on Twitter.

What started off as an innocent tweet from the unnamed mom extolling the virtues of her sailor son quickly devolved into a political statement that he didn’t exactly agree with.


His mom’s usage of the #HimToo hashtag was an answer to #MeToo, casting men as victims of false allegations of sexual assault.

Needless to say, mom didn’t check first with the former sailor, Pieter Hanson, who was in the middle of an exam while attending classes at the University of Central Florida, according to The Washington Post.

Mom’s tweet went viral as all hell, getting shared thousands of times and inspiring many others to create their own parodies.

“It doesn’t represent me at all,” Hanson told the paper. “I love my mom to death, but boy … I’m still trying to wrap my head around all this.”

On Tuesday, Hanson created his own Twitter account, aptly titled @thatwasmymom, and tweeted a viral image of his own.

Can you imagine if he was still in uniform? The chain of command would have a conniption fit. Still, let’s all enjoy some of the various responses to the original below: