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Is Trump At Fault For The Yemen Raid? One Army Ranger Doesn’t Think So
What happened on the ground in Yemen is on the Navy SEALs who were there, not President Trump.
070131-N-5169H-322 (January 31, 2007) -- Basic Underwater Demolition/SEAL (BUD/S) students perform Log PT during hell week at the Naval Special Warfare Center, where students participate in five and a half days of continuous Navy SEAL training, with only four hours of sleep. During hell week, the bell is ever present, even on the beach, should a student decide he no longer wishes to continue with the training. BUD/S students must endure 27 weeks of intense training in order to graduate from the program, followed by six months of SEAL Qualification Training (SQT) before they can wear the trident of a U.S. Navy SEAL.
A Year In, SEALs Still Haven’t Seen Any Female Applicants
It’s been a little over 12 months since the Department of Defense said women could apply for special operations training programs.
Staff Sergeant Paul Cange, a Joint Terminal Attack Controller, 274th Air Support Operations Squadron, Syracuse, N.Y., uses his Android Tactical Assualt Tablet Kit during a close air support mission, Aug 9, 2016, at Rogers City, Mich., during Northern Strike 2016.
We Asked Special Operators What Weird Gear They Rely On
These five pieces of everyday gear have proven invaluable to special operators.
U.S. Navy SEALs in Afghanistan.
Al Qaeda Was Ready And Waiting For The SEALs On Trump’s First Raid
More details of the SEAL Team 6 raid in Yemen emerge, complicating the picture.
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SEALs In Hot Water After Letting Their Trump Flag Fly On The Highway
A woman in Louisville, Kentucky, caught footage of a Trump flag on a military convoy.
These Are The 50-Round Magazines The Navy Made For SEAL M16s
SEALs in Vietnam wanted to lay down sustained fire with the M16. These are the magazines the Navy invented to do that.
History Channel's "SIX" is based on SEAL Team SIx.
History Channel’s ‘SIX’ Sent Its Cast To Navy SEAL Training
In order to accurately portray Navy SEALs, actors on History Channel’s “SIX” were thrust into a hardcore training program.
The cast of "SIX,"  HISTORY's upcoming television war drama on SEAL Team Six.
New War Drama Focuses On America’s Elite: SEAL Team Six
HISTORY channel’s new scripted series about SEAL Team Six leaves it to the audience to distinguish the unlikely from the unbelievable.
A screenshot via YouTube of HISTORY Channel's upcoming reality show "The Selection."
Watch 30 Civilians Try To Pass SOF Selection In New Reality Show
HISTORY’s new reality show “The Selection” puts civilians through a military endurance event based on special operations forces selection.
A YouTube screenshot of the upcoming movie "Renegades."
Hollywood’s Latest Navy SEAL Movie Looks Cliché In All The Right Ways
In this upcoming action movie, Navy SEALs go on a treasure hunt in a war zone, because why the hell not.
A Navy SEAL with an AK-47 in the water.
New Vehicles Will Deliver SEALs With More Stealth Than Ever
Navy SEALs will soon deploy in a new miniature submarine.