Members of SEAL Team Seven jump from an MH-60S Seahawk helicopter assigned to the "Chargers" of Helicopter Sea Combat Squadron (HSC) 14, during parachute operations, Feb. 26, 2015.
Special Operations Forces Face A Dangerous Rise In Parachuting Deaths
A military investigation revealed that special operations forces are facing a rise in parachute training deaths and it’s unclear why.
(Left to right) Gunner, Justin, Shannon, Chris, and Nathan from the inaugural H.E.R.O. Child-Rescue Corps class. With five classes and almost 100 graduates, the HERO Corps continues to grow.
These Wounded Special Operations Vets Are Hunting Child Predators
This NGO is training elite special operations veterans to track down child pornographers and rescue their victims.
MARSOC training
Joining the Military
How To Become A MARSOC Raider In 3 Steps
A former MARSOC Raider shares tips on how he made it through assessment and selection. It’s not physical, it’s mental.
Lt. Gen. John Mulholland, the commanding general of the United States Army Special Operations Command at Fort Bragg, spoke to members of the Fayetteville, Fort Bragg and surrounding communities during the opening ceremony at this year's Glory Days Field of Honor outside the grounds of the Airborne and Special Operations Museum Saturday in Fayetteville.
SOCOM General’s Profanity-Filled Rant At Briefers Led To Investigation
During a briefing Lt. Gen. John F. Mulholland Jr. reportedly swore at briefers and at one point suggested they be shot.