The AT-4 84mm rocket launcher is the key anti-armor weapon for any modern on-the-go infantry squad. I think the biggest question about this piece of equipment today is simply: why are we even using it anymore? It’s been around since the late 1980s and since then we’ve developed weapons like the Javelin and upgraded the Carl Gustaf recoilless rifle, both of which have way better anti-armor capabilities. Truth be told the AT-4 isn’t really even rated to go head to head with a battle tank, which is ironic since the “AT” in AT-4 stands for “anti-tank.”

In this video, Chris Cappy covers the different upgrades for the AT-4, from a shorter variant that can be used indoors to one that adds a bit more ‘umph’ to its max range. It will also discuss why the AT-4 isn’t likely to be going anywhere and will remain an important part of the infantry platoon for years to come.

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Written and edited by Chris Cappy. Video editing and co-produced by Rebecca Rosen.