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Watch MARSOC and Green Berets Square Off In Awesome Rap Battle

They went all out for this one.
Brian Adam Jones

It’s Time For Veterans To Invade The Tech Industry

Innovation is all about solving problems. So is much of modern military service.
Derek Blumke

Why Does The Military Ban Soldiers From Carrying Guns?

It's time to look at this law?
Brian Adam Jones

The Sergeant Major Of The Marine Corps Is Dead Wrong About Cutting Troop Pay

Beyond the potentially harmful effect of his remarks, it doesn't make sense.
Brian Adam Jones

Break Into The Sports Industry In Miami This Summer

At the Sports and Entertainment Alliance in Technology conference in Miami this summer.
Brian Adam Jones

This Slain Soldier Has Emerged As The Hero Of Fort Hood

Let’s honor the heroes, not the killer.
Brian Adam Jones

Here’s How You Can Launch The Next Great Veterans Owned Start-up

But the clock is ticking.
Brian Adam Jones

Here’s Everything We Know About The Shooting At Fort Hood That Left 4 Dead

The smoke is finally beginning to clear.
Brian Adam Jones

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