You give some, you get some. The some, in this case, being a year’s supply of sausage, egg and cheese. Jean-Carlo Gachet’s microwave will not be hurting for work in 2022. 

Gachet, a truck driver and Marine Corps Reservist from Virginia, started off 2022 helping out his temporary neighbors while stranded on I-95 during a blizzard. Gachet had been stuck for more than eight hours outside of Woodbridge, Virginia when he put his cooking skills to use. The blizzard, which began in the early morning hours on Monday, left some motorists in the area stranded for an entire day. 

When not driving his truck, Gachet is serving with Hotel Battery, 3rd Battalion, 14th Marine Regiment, out of Richmond, Virginia. 

On Thursday, Jimmy Dean announced that it would “give Jean-Carlo a year’s supply of Jimmy Dean breakfast and continue the spirit of Jean-Carlo’s good deed by paying it forward with a donation of [100,000] Jimmy Dean breakfasts to Feeding America.”

“I care much more about that than my supply,” said Gachet, of the donation. 

That means plenty of calories for Gachet and the recipients of the Feeding America nonprofit. 

Gachet was among the thousands of drivers stranded on mid-Atlantic roads after a rare blizzard blanketed the region with a half a foot of snow. After waiting more than eight hours for traffic to relent, Gachet used the microwave in his truck to heat up a Jimmy Dean breakfast bowl for the car idling in front of him.

Jimmy Dean is also donating 100,000 meals as part of its response. 

Gachet may want to spread out his supply of Jimmy Deans or add some vegetables to the mix, but it is hard to go wrong with the breakfast essentials. Certainly better than the tactical pizza. 

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