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Military service academies see sharp increase in reports of sexual assault

The number of reports of sexual assault at the military service academies is on the rise. A report released by the Defense Department’s Sexual Assault Prevention and Response Office on Thursday shows that there were 149 reports of sexual assaults in the 2018-2019 school year, up from 117 in 2017-2018. The report breaks that number […]

How we found an internal study that showed just how deep sexism runs in the Marine Corps

How We Found Out explores recent reporting from Task & Purpose, answering questions about how we sourced our stories, what challenges we faced, and offers a behind-the-scenes look at how we cover issues impacting the military and veterans community. Following a string of news reports on a private Facebook group called Marines United, where current […]

Air Force commissions first female Muslim chaplain in US military history

The Air Force made history last month by commissioning Second Lt. Saleha Jabeen as the first female Muslim chaplain candidate in the military. Though the commission marks a new chapter in American military history, it is only the latest in a long spiritual journey for Jabeen that started 14 years ago, when she first came to the U.S.

We salute the all-women Air Force team that crushed a weapons loading competition dressed as Rosie the Riveter

An all-women team of airmen crushed an aircraft ground crew contest at Aviano Air Base on Tuesday, and they did it in Greatest Generation style. The “Bouncing Bettys,” the first all-female team to compete in Aviano’s Rapid Aircraft Generation and Employment (RAGE) competition, rocked navy blue coveralls and red polka dot bandanas in an ode […]

For the first time ever, a female Marine has graduated the grueling Basic Reconnaissance course

A Marine lance corporal has become the first female Marine in history to graduate the Basic Reconnaissance Course, earning the military occupational specialty of 0321 Reconnaissance Marine. Lance Cpl. Alexa Barth completed the 12-week course on Nov. 7, said Maj. Kendra Motz, a Marine spokeswoman. Barth previously graduated from the Corps’ Infantry Training Battalion-East, earning […]