Do you want a safety brief? Because this is absolutely, without a doubt how you get a safety brief.

A 22-year-old American soldier assigned to the 2nd Cavalry Regiment in Germany reportedly became so intoxicated in the town of Nuremberg on Saturday that it took a half-dozen local police officers to subdue him, Stars and Stripes reports.

While raw drunken belligerency isn't totally surprising for U.S. troops stationed abroad — we're looking at you, U.S. Forces Korea! — the sheer intensity of the unnamed service member's rampage through the streets of Nuremberg is particularly special.

Here's exactly what the soldier in question did, per Stars and Stripes:

  • Got hammered and started “acting aggressively” towards the staff of a train station fast food joint.
  • Put up a “violent resistance” during his arrest, which involved kicking officers with his cowboy boots
  • Denounced the arresting officers as “Nazis” — in Nuremberg, home of the post-World War II military tribunals, of all places 
  • Bit a German police officer so hard in the leg that the officer was rushed to a local hospital and “is currently not able to work” 

What did this soldier's command have to say for his behavior? “2CR takes unlawful violence toward others very seriously,” unit spokesman Maj. John Ambelang told Stars and Stripes in a statement.

The soldier in question has been turned over to military police and could face assault charges under the Uniform Code of Military Justice, according to Stars and Stripes. 

At least nobody stole a taxi this time.