MySailor Data, improved travel voucher processing and the integration of Navy Reserve orders mark the latest installments that deliver expanded Human Resource (HR) self-service capability to a single, integrated personnel and pay system, for all Sailors – active or Reserve.

“The initial rollout of NP2 began over a year ago, but these latest releases really begin to show the fruits of our labor,” said Capt. Claudia Macon, team lead for the MyNavy HR Reserve Transformation initiative at CNRFC. “We’re implementing an agile development methodology with new capabilities being released every quarter. Sailors should begin to notice a real difference in the way administrative requests are handled and processed.”

MySailor Data is home for the necessary information that supports personnel and pay transactions for active and Reserve Sailors. Rather than having to log into multiple systems to check for accuracy and make necessary updates, all service record information serving as the mechanism to deliver your pay and entitlements is now in one location. MySailor Data will soon replace the Navy Standard Integrated Personnel System (NSIPS) Electronic Service Record (ESR).

The behind-the-scenes process for delivering the appropriate compensation after executing active duty for operational support (ADOS) and Officer Recall orders is now automated. After Sailors submit a travel voucher, Command and Pay Personnel Administrators (CPPA) are no longer required to manually download vouchers and the associated supporting documents. Approved travel vouchers are now electronically available to immediately process for pay. This change expedites travel reimbursement and compensation for completed duty.

The integration of Reserve Orders gives Reserve Sailors the same capability as active Sailors to execute a tailored orders checklist and view and print lean orders – a truncated version of orders that makes it easier to present a hard copy of orders and execute official business while traveling. A recent integration of over 450,000 records is complete and Reserve Sailors can view past, current and future orders in a single location.

“These newest improvements set the tone for how we’re making administrative processes easier for Sailors to complete and an indication for what is still to come in the future,” said Cmdr. Julie McGill, deputy for the MyNavy HR Reserve Transformation initiative at CNRFC. “Each additional improvement gets us closer to our goal of a completely automated and streamlined system so Sailors are not burdened with administrative processes.”

Similar to previously released NP2 capabilities, Sailor access is available 24/7 from any device through MyNavy Portal or by clicking here []. NP2 utilizes commercial-grade multi-factor authentication, eliminating the need to login with a common access card (CAC).

Click here to read an accompanying ‘What’s New For You’ for further details about the integration of Reserve orders.

Click here for another ‘What’s New For You’ regarding the improvements to travel voucher processing and here for a ‘quick start’ guide to help you complete your travel voucher.

Be on the lookout for the next installment of administrative improvements set to be released in December 2020.